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SEO is a distinct but not exact science because of the nature and setup of each of the hundreds of individual search engines.  Each has its own set of algorithms and submission rules and each has its own set of values and ideas of what is or is not important when deciding not just how to rate a web page, but even if your webpage is suitable for their site!  It is very easy to break their rules and find your site black listed or “Red Flagged” for a year!

So, what then are the principles?  I shall not give you all the inside gen, that is what I get paid for and studied to earn a living!  An SEO is also the term used for the person, he is a Search Engine Optimizer.   It breaks down into 3 types of optimization.

1.  A one time “general acceptance” type where the web pages of a site are optimized with their set of key words, key phrases, headers, meta tags and paragraph optimization that will produce fair results on most major search engines for the lifetime of the site until you decide to update something and attempt to tweak the site for a more specific target.

2. A quarterly or bi-annual program the same as above but with a more targeted aim, ie specific for the Google group, yahoo, msn ect.  This tends to be more complicated because of the way the pages need to be constructed and this also then involves changing page and site content to compliment the meta description tag,  meta keyword tag, page headers and page titles to ensure that all are found by the various web bots/spiders. There is good reason to do this and one expects far greater results from this more complicated and expensive process.

3. As above at 1 and 2 but on a monthly, weekly or even daily ongoing basis.  This would usually involve a contracted web SEO who will take personal care to look after the site for the amount of time specified at the price agreed as this is his sole stock in trade. If a smaller company wants this service it is usually cheaper than at 2 above in the long term.  Within a large organization or corporation, a whole departmental team would normally be employed with the sole purpose in life of achieving top rankings on all the major search engines.

At Bluray IT Services, we have experience in all the above and an in-house qualified, tried and tested Web SEO.  We combine both hand programming and the top software available that is specifically designed for this labor intensive work.  Prices start from 150 euros per individual page for a one time general acceptance optimization.

It is impossible to guarantee a top placing and companies who offer this are not telling the truth.  We can only offer to IMPROVE a clients search engine rankings. but historically, we have achieved plenty of top placements.  An average web seo will consistently achieve placement within the top 50.  A good web seo will consistently achieve placement within the top 25 – 35. A very good web seo will consistently achieve placement within the top 10 – 20,  A top banana of a web seo will constantly achieve top ten placements and regular number 1 positions.  The last man we mentioned is not cheap and insists on regular outrageously high bonuses (a common inducement in this game) for number one placements.  I am that man!

Of course much of the above depends greatly upon the individual website and what it is about.  A top placement for a site about plastic spoon modeling will have far less competition than the 38 million pages of competition for real estate!  There are many factors to be considered and these are just a few.  For Google, there are around 200 factors that affect page rank!

The truth of the matter is that, Web SEO’s are not cheap, that’s for sure but the best ones will produce the goods and will be seen studying the latest algorithms at 3, 4 and 5 in the morning to stay on top.  They are worth their weight in gold to the serious web prospector who relies on the internet for his income and the large corporation who need to be constantly in the public eye and a step or three in front of their competitors, your SEO is usually that “cutting edge”!

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